Friday, 7 May 2021

Motorized Skateboard

 Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboard is one of the best skateboards ever one of best skateboard rather than others skateboards. This skateboard has the ultimate features and upgraded rather than others. 

About This Electric Skateboard:-

High Performance:- 
one of the best premium-quality ride this skateboard speed up to 30MPH
having 750W dual motors, 15-18.6 miles range, this is one of the best Electic Longboard with wireless remote control, this one has 4 speed and 4 breaks of this skateboard. very unique design. 

This one has a wireless remote control with an OLED display:- 

This skateboard having a good promote control looks premium one of the best remote control with OLED display Zero delay power transmission. land snail skateboard

High Power Brushless Dc Motors:-  
This one has good motors with high power and gives you a good experience and your skateboard run faster. This motor is of good quality. 

Lightweight and Though and beautiful skateboard:- 
The design of this skateboard is very beautiful and a Lightweight skateboard with powerful performance. must buy this skateboard this one is the best.

Product Description:- 

Land Snail 930 Electric skateboard, This company makes this skateboard very beautiful and strong enough.

Powerful performance:- 
30Km rage of this skateboard.


The included motor type is Dual Hub BlCD motors 
Battery range of  this skateboard 30Km
Climbing:- 30%
Max capacity load skateboard 230Kg
Motor power:- 750W
Charging power:- 204W
Ip grade IP55
Dec is carbon fibre 
bord weight 7.34kg 
Trunks suspension
Wheel size 785mm
Ground gap (clearance)  108mm

More Configure:-

  • Tires material of this skateboard Natural Rubber Type, Silent and sports tires, wet and dry
  • Wheel hub material is used an Aircraft-grade Aluminium alloy surface finish.
  • Rechargeable board battery Lithium-ion

  • Voltage capacity and charging time of this skateboard, 
  • voltage: 44.4V, 
  • Capacity: 222Wh,
  • Charging time is 1.3 hours,

  • Remote control
  • OLED display which is pretty good of this remote control,
  • 2.4G battery charging time is 1Hours 
  • The brakes of  this skateboard are good, Breaks types are Regenerative Braking 


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Monday, 3 May 2021


I want to explain about the Raldey Carbon V.2 Electric Skateboard 

Here has the information about this skateboard now these days people have rarely used the skateboard because of transportation but sone they love to ride a skateboard and using a skateboard to learn more skills there are a few people who want to buy the skateboards.

Everyone is busy due to the lockdown or covid-19 they cannot come out from home and enjoy but few people are they want to make your body fitness and there is s good option to buy the skateboard also this is very good for your workout and learn some skills and stunts. This is one of the best options to buy the skateboard for their kids, Adults also buy the skateboard.

The benefit of buying the skateboard 

Fitness of the body 

learn something new 

Learn more skills 

Less pollution

Without grass 

Just you can charge this skateboard and ride on it 

Easy to use and not heavier one of the best to learn something new 

Kids also like to ride on a skateboard 

some are professionals they doing more skills with the skateboard, on the other hand, it becomes your body active for work and you do not feel lazy anymore.

Some Info about this Raldey carbon v.2 Electric Skateboard:-

Which material is used in this skateboard

This is the best skateboard ever ( Japanese T700 carbon fibre) material is used in this skateboard this material really good and solid 

The wheel size of this skateboard

195- Millimetres is the wheel size 

This skateboard weight 

10700- milligrams 

The skateboard load capacity is really good 

The load capacity is 265 pounds which are really good rather than other skateboards

Age - Adults 

What's inside this box 

1x Electric Skateboard

1x Remote control 

1x Remote control charging cable 

1x Skateboard charger 

1x T type tool is included 

1x user guide booklet 

These are included thing inside the box which is pretty good 

Some Information About the Raldey Electric Skateboard

Two belt Motors include both sides and this gives more power to the skateboard to run faster 

More power this electric skateboard gives the more power to run the skateboard with the help of build Two motors these both having different power and collect in one they both motors run and the skateboard runs faster 

It includes the Airless Wheels this Airless wheels tires having a-holes and crosses the air into the holes and this is best for the offroading its make you comfortable without worry.

Raldey Carbon at-v.2 Electric skateboard buy

The board is also good quality Carbon Fiberboard which is really good and the .grip of the bord is much better than other skateboards They used the Japanese T700 carbon fibre also a very sleek set up with a big battery.

The battery is really good this gives you a battery backup up to 19 miles depending on the weight of the skateboard

Last but not least Some About the remote controller you can speed control and using the breaks with the remote there are the needs of different riders. They own according to use the remote.


If you want to buy this skateboard from Amazon with more offers and Discounts 


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Sunday, 2 May 2021



KYNG Electric Skateboard is one of the best skateboards it has a wireless LED remote, 29 for youth and Adults 15MPH has a 350w motor, 10miles range with adjustable speed and brakes, it has  a7  layer maple deck, 175lb weight loads for adults, and kids. one of the high-quality skateboard its give you a better experience. This skateboard having good tires which give us a great experience and good material is used for making this skateboard.

 Some Highlights 



Deck length- 74 centimeters 

This Skateboard weight is- 9 pounds

Load capacity is 200-pound Solid skateboard 

Age Range- 8 years

About this item

This one comes with a wireless LED remote 

This one gives you high performance and you don't worry about the maintenance best classes

This item having a one-year guarantee warrantee with this skateboard

One of the best good quality acceleration and break

This skateboard gives you smooth performance Go faster and far

Premium build quality having this skateboard wheels are really good quality, low speed of this skateboard 6 mph, medium speed is 9mph, high speed is more 12 mph, supermax speed is 15 mph very high speed and goes faster 

This one having a 4000 mah battery, charging take time 2 hours rechargeable lithium battery inbuilt

This skateboard having ultra protection for scratching and wear. Kid's teen ages also loved this skateboard.



This skateboard is one of the best rather than other skateboards Also you can buy from Amazon with an offer:-

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Saturday, 1 May 2021



This is one of the best skateboards and having a well-printed naruto is one of the best skateboards ever.

This one has a good board 

The skateboard has a good wheel white wheels give's full grace to the skateboard, It has a good quality of the primitive skateboard complete naruto Rodriguez combat 8.0  






Anybody can use this skateboard 

The Brand name of the skateboard is- Primitive

Material is used in this skateboard- Aluminium, Maple

This one is available in the multicolor 

Durability & Hardness of this skateboard 98A

The Skateboard wheel size is 52 millimeters 

Primitive complete skateboard good build and ready to ride 

Wheels are really good 

Aluminum Trunks (Solid)

Primitive complete skatebaord 

Primitive skateboard naruto


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Friday, 30 April 2021

Teamgee H5 37'' Electric Skateboard Buy


Teamgee H5 37'' Electric Skateboard Buy one of the best skateboards also the shape and design of the skateboard is really good like premium design also there is a high-end build quality super-fast electric skateboard must buy. They're having more features like wheels are really good quality one of the best board strong and hard never break 

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard:

Deck Width- 8.46 inches 

Material is used in this Skateboard-  Maple

Deck length of this board 37.99 inches

Colour of this skateboard- Black

This one having good Wheel Material- polyurethane

The Wheel Size of this Skateboard 90 Millimetres 

This Item Weight 14.55 pounds

Having a Load capacity of this Skateboard 200 pounds

Box included items 
Electric Skateboard
T tool
USB cable
Protective case
User Manual Guidance

About this Skateboard

It includes the wireless control with LCD screen for charging speed and directions
this is one of the best  thinnest skateboards 
solid skateboard which gives us a premium feel one of the best 
skateboard highly recommended
It gives you high performance 380W x 2 motors 9-11 miles with a top speed of 22 MPH.


Also, you can buy from Amazon with more offers and discounts 


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Temangee H5



This is one of the best Kyng 37 electric skateboards with remote control, it includes the 960w dual motors 

it has an 11 miles range with a wireless LCD remote it has a 10 layer maple deck 

This one is the best highest speed, longboard, with beautiful design and shape of the skateboard

Features of this Skateboard:-

 Material is used in this skateboard- Maple

Length of this skateboard deck length 37inches

colour available in black and white logo available

This skateboard wheel size is 90 millimetres 

Load capacity 200 pounds

This is one of the best and solid KYNG 37 electric skateboard this will give you High performance

About this Item:-

The higher performance of this Skateboard 
You can control with the wireless LCD remote control 
Premium construction gives you a better in-hand feel because this skateboard having a premium build quality
This one has a good acceleration and brakes which is really good and works properly without any problem 
This skateboard has a 3500mAh battery life and its charging time takes up to 2 hours some way within two hours 
The wheels of this skateboard are really good and the material is like premium build 
Shape and board of material and texture on board is really osm 


This skateboard runs very smooth without any problem and incredible battery life and best balancing on this skateboard you can ride on this skateboard with balanced, 
Also, you can buy from Amazon


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Geelife Skateboard Buy


Geelife Skateboard is the best Skateboard for Kids and Adults. This one has a good quality and one of the latest skateboard ever best class

This one having a 7 layer deck 31x 8 complete skateboard maple wood

Longboards for teens, adults, girls, Boys,  Kids

The printing of this skateboard is cool colourful galaxy colour embedded in the skateboard

Some Knowledge about the Skateboard:- 

Which type of material is used in this Skateboard 

Aluminium, Maple

Deck length of this skateboard

79 centimetres

colour of this skateboard


The hardness of this skateboard


Wheel material is really good in this skateboard


The whee size is 55 millimetres 

Adobut this skateboard:-

Width of this skateboard 8

Length 31

wheelbase 15.7 

smoother and faster ride 

Durable and stable

Easy to control and safe

This one is Heavy-duty and lasts for a Long Time

A good quality waterproof table on this skateboard for good grip

The tails design is really good

This skateboard is a
very good build-up and ready to ride

BUY Geelife Skateboard

Also, you can Buy From Amazon with more offers and Discounts

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Motorized Skateboard

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